Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Updo Inspiration & Using Hairpieces

I've seen a lot of brides who get hairpieces or extensions for their wedding day. It seems the main reason is to add fullness or length to hair that will be left down and curled. I wanted to share another option for those of us with thin, shorter, or fine hair when you want to do an UPDO!

A few years ago I bought a hairpiece from Cheerleader Hairpieces. I used it for my sister's wedding. At the time, this is how short my hair was (as this photo was taken the night before the wedding):
And here is my updo the next day with the Hailey style bun from cheerleaderhairpieces.com:

I'm considering using the same hairpiece or buying this new style that can easily be clipped and pinned into my hair to give it more fullness (Wonder Style; it is only $14.99!):

The cons to these hairpieces are that you cannot curl them. However I didn't mind that and just curled my own hair to add to my updo to match the "curl" in the hairpiece.

This is my updo inspiration for my own wedding:

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  1. wow! that hairpiece works really well! great hair inspiration!